"For Sale" signs are popping up like weeds, will your house be ready to sell  

You watched the DIY channel shows, you have tried to stage your home to make it appealing, but what about those things you didn't think or even know to check? If your like most people, unless a problem arises like no hot water or the heat didn't turn on the night before, we tend to overlook or not notice problems with our home. 

Home Buyers want piece of mind and no surprises!  Did you know you could be held liable for undisclosed defects after the real estate transaction process is all over.

A home buyer and his home inspector could potentially know more about your house in 2 hours than you do! This information may stop a home buyer in their tracks and you may not even know why. Did you know the home inspector is not obligated to share what was found during the home inspection with you, even though it is your house!

By getting a home inspection by certified home inspector you will know the true condition of your home. With a Home Inspection performed prior to listing the home for sale, a home seller can make repairs as a matter of choice, not obligation; it can be used to foster good will and to help facilitate the sale. Information about the condition of your home that could be important when the bargaining begins. The Home inspection report can also be used as a supplement to the sellers disclosure requirements and help reduce potential liability risk for sellers and their agents. 

Hoping no one will notice any problems that your house may have can be an expensive gamble. Not selling your home as quick as you had planned can cost you thousands of dollars and put your life on hold.

If selling your home is really important to you, book a home inspection with me today!