Electrical Inspections

The electrical system

One of the most important part of the home inspection is the electrical system.  The electrical system distributes 120-volt and 220-volt alternating current power around the house. This power is used to operate devices or appliances for cooking, cleaning, entertainment, lighting, etc. Improperly installed wiring or electrical safety devices can have disastrous outcomes.

Damaged electrical service conductors

Common Electrical system defects

Outdated and Undersized Service
Tap On Main Service
Damaged Wires
Drip Loop Insufficient
Undersized Service Box
Rusted Service Box
Damaged Service Box
Grounding Ineffective
Oversized Fuses
Oversized Breakers
Openings In Panel
Double Taps on breakers
Crowded Main panel
Linking/Bridging Missing
Overheated Wiring
Poor Connections
Cable Clamps Needed
Damaged Panel
Corroded Panel
GFCI Inoperative
Not Grounded/Bonded
Undersized wires
Poor Connections
Junction Boxes Loose
Amateur Installation  

Old and Modified electrical panels