EIFS also known as Exterior Insulation Finishing System


EIFS exterior cladding systems offer a truly unique beauty as well as superior insulating qualities to homes and businesses.

This is the interior view of a chimney chase that has had water intrusion due to a faulty kick out flashing. EIFS can look great on the outside but look like this on the inside. A leak like this inside an enclosed space like under a window or a interior wall would stay wet and cause very extensive damage to framing and sheathing as well as issues with mildew. 


Regular inspection of EIFS exteriors is suggested because of the concern of water intrusion beneath the EIFS material.

EIFS exterior wall leak

EIFS inspections

Visual inspection only no certifications.

If you seek a certification or insurance coverage we suggest you seek an EIFS commercial contractor for any certification inspections or repairs you may require.

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