Cooling system inspections

Cooling systems

Cooling systems have gone through many changes over the years and may not be required depending on where the houses. Cooling systems come in many different designs some centralized some unitary.

Split cooling systems

A split cooling system will have an evaporator and condenser connected by refrigeration lines often using a furnace or other air handler device to move the conditioned air through the interior space. Cooling system condensers are often damaged which causes them to lose their effectiveness.

Unitary cooling systems

A unitary cooling system would be something such as a window unit or a through the wall unit.

Common cooling systems defects

Cooling system frees up
Undersized System
Temperature Drop Excessive
Temperature Drop Insufficient
Insulation Damage on Refrigerant Lines
Condenser Out Of Level
Condenser Dirty
Condenser Fin Damage
Condenser Noisy
Condensate Tray Leak
Condenser discharge location poor
Condensate Line Blocked
Inoperative Condensate Pump 
Condensate Trap Needed
Safety Drip Pan Needed
Damaged condenser fan
Bare refrigerant lines
Damaged control wiring